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AppSalon - The Product

appSalon is the web/app appointment solution serving the salon owners, employees, clients anywhere, anytime, 24/7 at your fingertip - click here for live features.

We notice the challenges for most salon owners when it comes to set up the web/app application. Some feedback we received are either:

    . The salon web pages are just static with contents - no real-time appointment management capabilities.
    . Salon owners are relying some technical consultants to add a new feature or content, delaying time to market.
    . Salon clients cannot make appointments off-hours.
    . No appointment reminder to minimize the no-show.
    . Pricing to set up web/app application is expensive.

Every package is included with both web and mobile app regardless of the business size. We set up a framework in such a way that both web/app applications become available to market instantly once you sign up with us - no time delay.

appSalon products has been internally tested by the selected salon over 6 months and has gained a significant appreciation from its clients for the ease of use and convenience. We believe it is now ready to support the market - click here to sign up for 2-month trial.

We have been in the salon industry for over 20 years and has gained extensive knowledge about the salon management products. Recognizing the gap/needs in the industry and the market demand, we started to build the web/app product with the simple focus to support our salon business. Since we understand the market demand and ability to build web/app products in-house, it is much faster to add/adjust features and roll back out to the market. That is our advantages over the competitors - click here to sign up for 2-month trial.

AppSalon - The Sign-Up Process

Just click here to fill in application, then download the app and set up your salon services, business hours, …. And you’re up running a few minutes.

Definitely NOT. We want you to try it out and appreciate the product benefits before you commit to the selected plans - click here to see our pricing plan.

15 days before your trial expiration date, our app system will remind you daily to upgrade to the plan of your choice - 6-month, or 1-year plan.

Your web/app application will be temporarily shut down until you commit the payment. We establish the 15-day reminder prior to the expiration date to ensure you have sufficient time to act.

Absolutely. We integrate our payment system via Amazon (as of now) to ensure the security of your credit card data. You will make a payment to Amazon (like you normally purchase products on Amazon) and we will get the notification from Amazon about your payment plan. As stated, your credit card data is secured with Amazon.

AppSalon - The Cancellation Process

Sorry to see you leaving and appreciate your feedback to improve our products better. We create a very simple process. Just go to the manager section in the app and select “Cancel”. The app will guide you through the process directly in the app. Or if preferred, email us at subject: Cancellation - (SalonID#)

Yes. We support the prorated billing for the 6-month, 12-month plan. Since we already provided you 2-month trial before your commitment, we only charge you up to the month that you cancel (minimum of 2 months) and refund you the remaining. For example, if you cancelled the service around 1.5th month into the 6-month plan, we will charge you 2 months and refund you the remaining 4 months. Similarly, if you cancelled the service around 4th month into the 6-month plan, we will charge you 4 months and refund you the remaining 2 months.

We don’t collect payment information during the free trial. So, there’s typically nothing to cancel. Just simply let the trial to expire.

The refund will go back where it was started. If charged by Amazon, you should expect a refund back to your original credit card via Amazon.

AppSalon - The Supports

Yes. Just click here to report any technical issues. Our team will review and get back shortly.

Yes. Just click here to report any technical issues. Our team will review and get back shortly.

App crashed, web/app not loaded properly, appointment data not accessible, web application down...

The Registration Process

2 - Download appSalon

Your web/apps will be launched instantly once your contents are ready!

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