Company Mission

    We are the startup web/app company and our mission is to provide web/app application for the salon business owner to effectively manage appointments and connect with their clients from anytime, anywhere.
    We understand that your business reputation is critical and our applications are built around just that. We also noticed many technical challenges for most salon owners when it comes to build their salon reputation via the web/app presence. With that, we bring our technological expertise to fill the gap in the salon market and we only focus on providing the cutting-edge solutions to ensure your customer success.

Invest in Our Company

    At this stage, we are still the bootstrap startup company (solopreneur) looking to growth our users organically. We stay focus on development of our salon products with one mission - value, value, and value.
    We have been in the salon industry for over 20 years and has gained extensive knowledge about the salon management products. Since we understand the market demand and ability to build web/app products in-house, it is much faster to add/adjust features and roll back out to the market. That is our advantages over the competitors.
    Definitely we are the SaaS company looking to growth strategically in the web/app business, not only the salon products. We are open to discuss with potential angel investors, venture capitalist, companies or individuals who believe in us and our web/app products to help us reach out the mass market. To discuss more, please send us an email at

Promote Our Products

    For web bloggers, youtube/instagram influencers, if you found our web/app products appealing to your audience or clients, please help us spread the words and invite your audience/clients to try out our products for 2 months - no credit card commitment whatsoever. Once the user is converted into our paying customer (anytime within the 2-month trial period), you will earn a 20% commission on the package that the user selected. On top of that, you will also earn 5% commission everytime the user is renewed the package - forever (yes, as long as the user continues using our web/app products).
    We instantly email you every step of the way on your client activities, from free trial, commiting to package, to renewing the package. Based on your client data, you could reach out to your clients sooner to avoid service interruption due to unintended expiration.

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